The Best Of The Worst Strange Addictions From The Show

Some of these addictions may make you think that people are just doing this for attention, but people can become addicted to almost anything. Whatever lights up the reward center of the brain is something people can become addicted to. Sometimes, it can be worth waiting to initiate treatment when the nonfood item is relatively harmless, such as when a person craves ice. Eating nonfood items can cause issues such as stomach pain and broken teeth.

But can food, or even the simple act of eating, put you in the mood for love? In fact, Lauren alsorevealed that she only wears the fur suit one weekend a year for an annual convention, despite the fact that she was portrayed in the show as not being able to function without it. “I have a completely normal life outside of this,” she continued. “I have a job, a loving family, a boyfriend, a group of great friends and I am a musician and firearm freak more than I am a furry. It is merely a small hobby of mine, but they took what information I gave and ran with it.” Additionally, Michael Abernethy at Pop Matters reached a similar conclusion, writing that the premiere left viewers frustrated at what they were seeing.

Watch My Strange Addiction

A notorious alcoholic, Jackson Pollock drank heavily in his youth. His father, who also struggled with alcohol, left the family when Pollock was only 8, floating in and out of his children’s lives for years. The 20th-century artist had a fascination with drug culture, but mostly as the subject of his art. His pop perspective drew a new crowd of art adorers, a set that would admire modern art while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, blurring the lines between the gallery and nightlife scenes. I’m grateful for the many paths to recovery that are available today. I chose Women for Sobriety initially because I felt safer with women only. I stayed because the WFS New Life Program gave me hope for a full and happy life, one that had no place or need for escapism.

woman addicted to drinking paint

However, it is difficult to estimate how many people have pica, as they might not report it. Also, children with pica may hide the behavior from parents and caregivers.

Drinking Pee

Let’s take a closer look at some reasons why My Strange Addiction is totally fake. In Sweden, a man named Roger Tullgren became so addicted to Heavy Metal, and it took over so much of his life, that it actually qualified as a disability. He now receives unemployment benefits from the government as he’s only able to work part time. No word on if the checks stop when he goes deaf from the loud music.

  • It’s about an addictive chemical that we have been fooled into believing is the answer to every problem, a healthful staple of our diet, our key to connection and power.
  • Each episode of the series follow a range of shocking behaviors, their origins and potential life-saving cures.
  • For example, perhaps you are at a park enjoying the scenery around you.
  • What’s more, she could not ignore the ways that alcohol companies were targeting women, just as the tobacco industry had successfully done generations before.
  • Four people died in Texas last year, for instance, because they did not stop to think that PAM might do the same thing to their lungs that it did to their cake pans.

Moreover, since alcohol alters the chemistry in the brain, long-term alcohol use can be extremely difficult to stop. Going cold turkey may prove to be extremely difficult as alcohol withdrawal symptoms like cravings, nausea, vomiting, and hallucinations can encourage prolonged drinking. Treatment for these eating behaviors includes first addressing missing nutrients or exposure to toxins like lead. In 2011, the series featured Adele Edwards, who ate the inside of sofa cushions, chomping down the foam about 15 times a day. Pregnant women can sometimes have odd cravings for non-food objects, such as ashes, laundry starch, hair, coffee grounds, even cigarette butts.

The Woman Addicted To Bathing In Bleach

In a post on Reddit, Lauren claims she agreed to don the aforementioned fursuit for cameras because TLC framed the series as a program about “people’s strange hobbies,” rather than a show about addictions or fetishes. She also thought it would be a good way to broaden perceptions about furries, who are often stereotyped as folks with bizarre sexual fetishes. In reality, many furries use their suits to raise money for charity or to visit children’s hospitals.

“You can also capitalize on foods from your sexual past — perhaps foods that you ate before or during a particularly pleasurable sexual encounter.” By the 18th century, the influence of phallically oriented foods, such as eel, carrots, and asparagus, had taken shape . Various woman addicted to drinking paint bulb vegetables thought to resemble testicles, like the onion, were thought to affect a man’s potency. Chocolate is one of America’s favorite “comfort foods,” but to the ancient Aztecs, it offered a lot more than comfort — it was considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

The Girl Who Eats Sand For The Crunch

She apparently wears a fursuit just once a year at an annual convention. In fact, she said she crafted her fox look solely for the episode and considered making and wearing the fursuit just a “small hobby,” not an obsession.

woman addicted to drinking paint

His struggles with mental and physical illness continuously inspire other works, including classic songs and even a fully painted feature film, “Loving Vincent,” now in select theaters. But his artwork doesn’t only serve as glimpse into the complex artist’s daily life — it offers insight into his fragile health and the substances he used to cope.

Eating Cleanser; Tanning

One of his most notable works, a portrait of Doctor Paul-Ferdinand Gachet, showcases his personal physician alongside a foxglove plant, the derivative of digitalis. Mostly seen among small children, addiction to eating paint chips is a real thing. This can be very serious due to lead-based paints in older homes, and even if it’s not lead based, eating paint is pretty darn terrible for you.

woman addicted to drinking paint

Every few minutes, as we drove along, Pacheco would announce that we were in some new area—Mirasol, say, or Alazan Apache—but the borders we had passed through to reach them were invisible to me. The main arteries were a long pastel wash of bars and panaderías, of meat packers and Spanish drive-in movies. It was a cultural continuum broken only rarely by an intrusive Pizza Inn or Dairy Queen, grafts from another world that the living tissue of the Sober companion barrio seemed to accept tentatively at best. The westside imparted that sort of cultural integrity and was vast enough to suggest, in itself, a foreign country. It had the air of a Mexican border town that had suddenly lost its tourist trade and was beginning to recede into its own legitimate heritage. The vibrancy managed to survive even in the residential neighborhoods, where what little ethnic gloss there was was overwhelmed by drabness.

With a surge in recreational drug use in society in the 1960s, Warhol was perfectly positioned to both observe and participate in a new culture of mind-altering substances. I’m coming up on ten years sober using WFS as my only recovery program. WFS didn’t just help me get sober, it helped me learn how to live a successful, fulfilling life. The Statements are foundational and, as you grow in your recovery, they grow with you. I used the online message boards and chats as there wasn’t a local meeting and the support system there was invaluable. Women for Sobriety works for me because it provides the tools and support I need to heal from my addiction and not only survive, but thrive in my recovery. The thirteen statements of the New Life Program helped me shift from feeling I was at the mercy of my negative thoughts to using positive thinking to create a life that I love.

When producers told Lauren they wanted to film the process of making a fursuit, she said she thought it was a great opportunity to showcase what the subculture was really about — creativity, expression, and fun. According to a Redditpost from someone who claims their friends-of-friends briefly appeared in the episode, Venus and Emily only pretended to be living dolls on the show. In reality, they supposedly simply enjoy wearing Lolita fashion — a type of style inspired by Harajuku and Victorian clothing. In fact, some people interviewed by TLC supposedly had no idea the episode was about living doll subculture. Instead, they supposedly thought the piece was about Harajuku style, which is extremely popular in some parts of the world.

woman addicted to drinking paint

Someone who has 2 to 3 drinks per sitting may soon realize they need a stronger amount of alcohol or more servings per sitting. This can also translate to binge drinking—which is drinking 4 or more drinks in 2 hours for women and 5 or more drinks in 2 hours for men. Although people may drink for a host of reasons, being lonely can put them at increased risk and they should be aware of the link between loneliness and addiction. Moreover, the study found alcohol consumption more common in older adults. As a result, one can use alcohol or drugs to find short-term relief. To add, other drugs like cocaine or meth can become a substance of choice to increase low moods, give someone energy, and produce euphoric feelings to combat depression. Once someone has become dependent on harmful drugs like these, professional help is best to relieve the mind and body of cravings and reduce the risk of a fatal or non-fatal overdose.

As a society, we are obsessed with health and wellness, yet we uphold alcohol as some kind of magic elixir, though it is anything but. External linksWebsiteMy Strange Addiction is an American documentary television series that premiered on TLC on December 29, 2010.

Her lifestyle as aself-proclaimed tanorexicis a choice, she said, not an addiction. Although lots of people like to mock those who go overboard with plastic surgery, after a certain point, it’s just sad. Yep, people can become addicted to all kinds of body modifications, not just plastic surgery. Yes, despite what your significant other says, video game addiction is real, and it’s probably not what they have if you’re still in a relationship with them. Video game addiction is usually characterized by compulsive game playing, usually of online role playing games, to the detriment of one’s personal and professional life. Those addicted to gaming often start to withdraw from reality and real relationships, instead focusing on online relationships and game achievements. People who are addicted to video games are USUALLY males under the age of 30, but not always.


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